The Little Chartroom

The complete renovation of a former cookery school for award-winning restaurant, The Little Chartroom, situated in the Leith area of Edinburgh, showcases a meticulous design process led by Studio Niro, with fabrication by Pete Hewitt Woodwork and installation by contractors Umber + Ochre.

Upon entering The Little Chartroom, patrons are welcomed by a tailor-made bar crafted from a combination of Blue Canyon Richlite and painted birch plywood, setting a distinct tone for the entire establishment. The cohesive blue theme extends into the main seating area, where square and round bespoke tables, made from the same materials, contribute to the restaurant’s unique aesthetic.

A key feature of the design is the strategic use of space, exemplified by the cushioned banquette seating along the walls. This not only enhances comfort but also maximizes the dining area to accommodate a larger number of patrons. Near the serving area, a well-placed waiter’s station serves as a functional hub, offering storage, a built-in ice trough, and a dedicated space for drink preparation, ensuring efficiency in service.

The thoughtful combination of materials, attention to detail, and space optimisation make The Little Chartroom a standout dining destination in Edinburgh, earning its status as an award-winning restaurant.


Photos by @ameliaclaudia